You can make a BIG difference to what you see pictured on this site.  The fact that what you see still exists, whether yet restored or not, is testimony to the quality of L&Y workmanship.  This quality is the guiding principle for those involved in restoration and conservation.  Such quality consumes two resources: time and money.  You can make a difference by providing either or both.  If youíre skilled in engineering or carpentry, or are simply competent at DIY, we can use you.

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If you canít help physically you can still make a difference - anything you can afford to donate will provide quality materials.  All donations are used to the full - all volunteers supply their skills and time without charge.  If you contribute via Gift Aid we can reclaim any tax youíve paid.

lease complete the membership/donation form, and send it with your remittance to the address below. 

The activities of the Trust require a continuous supply of funds and practical help.  

All monies from UK taxpayers can be enhanced under the Gift Aid Scheme. If you pay UK Income Tax and are able to assist the Trust financially, please complete the membership/donation form and send it to us - for every pound we can recover the tax you've paid on it at the current rate at no cost to you!

Apart from grants from Government Agencies and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the main source of funding was donations from members of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Preservation Society.  In May 2014 the Trust converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered in England and Wales as 1157071.  We can now offer membership to existing Society members and anyone wishing to become a member.  The Trust can recover Gift Aid on membership subscriptions, further enhancing the amount of Gift Aid claims.

Whilst the name L&Y disappeared in its own right in 1922 its influence on railway design and operations persists today.  You can ensure that this influence continues. To make a donation to the Trust, please complete the membership/donation form, and send it with your remittance to: 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust
The Railway Station, Haworth
BD22 8NJ

The governing document of the Trust, the Constitution, can be viewed here

Note, the membership/donation form and Constitution are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

Donations can be made to the general funds of the Trust or to a specific project, as separate funds are maintained for the locomotives and carriages for their regular maintenance and overhaul.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust is a charity  registered in England and Wales, Registered Number 1157071


Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Aid

Q: Does Gift Aid apply to the Membership Subscription?
A: Yes, the Trust has reviewed the HM Revenue & Customs regulations and the level of benefits received by Members does not prevent claims in full by the Trust on Membership Subscriptions.

I hear that HMRC are changing the wording of Gift Aid declarations from 2016, does your form comply and if the Trust holds one from me already, do I have to complete another?


Our declaration already contains the new wording and HMRC advise that existing declarations remain valid.

Q: Do I have to make separate declarations for each payment or give National Insurance or Tax reference numbers?

Just the one declaration is sufficient for all payments you make now and/or wish to make in the future.  Tick the appropriate boxes on the declaration and no other information is required from you.  

Q: What if I do not pay enough Income Tax or Capital Gains tax or might not do so in future?
A: The Trust cannot claim Gift Aid if you do not pay enough, but if you have an existing Gift Aid declaration and your circumstances change, just let us know.